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Traditional Beef

Item Name Price

BF01 Hong Kong Steak

New York Steak and Chinese Vegetables

BF02 Braised Beef

Beef, black mushroom, turnip, lotus root, and bamboo shoot

BF03 Fresh Vegetables w. Beef

Choice of Vegetable and Sauce

BF04 Black Pepper Beef

Beef, green pepper, onion, and carrots

BF05 Beef Din

New York steak, chili pepper, water chestnut, mushroom, and celery

BF06 Stir Fried Sliced Beef

Sliced beef, green pepper, bamboo shoot, and onion. Choice of Sauce

BF07 Beef Tripe w. Pickled Vegetables

Beef tripe, pickled vegetables, bamboo shoot, and scallion

BF08 Short Ribs Peking Pickled Vegetables


BF08 Short Ribs w. Chinese Vegetables


BF08 Short Ribs w. Hong Kong Pickled Vegetables


BF09 Beef Lettuce Wrap

Minced beef, black mushroom, water chestnut, and bamboo shoot

BF10 Szechuan Boiled Beef

Beef, napa, and leeks

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